Friday, 20 March 2009

contenuity task

Friday, 13 March 2009

more screen grabs

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sreen Grabs for Our evaluation

Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Include a still from each project. What technical and analytical skills have you learnt from the first project to the second?

we have had done a lot of research for this opening sequence, thought about the different emotions and feelings that people go through when dealing with drugs, and the effects that would happen.

we learnt how to do things such as how to make a montage of different clips,how to change the colours to black and white. For making our production logo, we learnt how to make an object from a still picture jump and also how to add music to this.
Although we learnt how to use and make music in the last task with this one we experimented with using a wider range of sounds and changing them to make them sound more diagetic and by varying the music more in our footage we created a longer continuous piece that was less repetitive.
we improved on how to produce a montage with this task. We managed to show a range of continuous shots of the stereo in a long space of time, we made this effective because we used a lot of different shots together and changed the positioning of the stereo on the screen.

Attracting Target Audience

How did you attract/address your audience? Use four stills from your sequence and identify how the micro features attempt to engage your target audience.

we attract our target audience using situations that they could relate to.It shows them different situations and ones that should be avoided as well as ones that are every day.
We show the extreme side of binge drinking and the consequences that come with that and taking drugs. we are showing the different social backgrounds, to give an inside of how people are. We showed how different upbringings can effect people in different ways and how these can effect their sense of judgment and decision making.

Other Producton Companies

Our film is a British based film that would probably not be produced or funded by a big Studio but a independent British company. With this in mind we have researched different production companies and the possibilities of them funding our movie.

2 Entertain , BBC films, UK film council, Blueprint pictures,

These our a few of the well known British production companies, the one that most appeals to us is the UK FILM COUNCIL. They show a range of opportunities for all films -

"We fund script development, film production, short films, film export and distribution, cinemas, film education, culture and archives, festivals and audience support schemes."

It's aims are also -

"We're here to make sure that the UK has a dynamic film industry fit for the digital age and to help UK audiences enjoy the best of British and world cinema. We have a clear strategy to make this happen."

This is good as our film is showing the lifestyle of typical British teens and justify the aim that we would want a British company to fund us. They specialize in different and separate areas of funding such as Socialist films and realist films. Although these companies are very well known, we could go for a more low key and independent production. films such as Kidulthood and adulthood were sponsored by a new productions company CIPHER PRODUCTIONS. Even Green Street being a part American production had its main funding from Baker Street.

Overall the funding would ahve to be a british film companie that wouls specialise in our film and understand its motives.

Classification criteria

Who would be the audience for your media product? Look at the BBFC website. Which classification criteria do you think would be most appropriate for your film and why?

we think after producing our opening sequence, we have thought about what would happen throughout the film. after consideration we have decided to rate it as a 15 because it will have strong language and refrence to drug taking, it would also include sexual activity, and some violence which may be strong but doesn't dwell on the infliction of pain or injury.
But because we have rated it as a 15, it reduces our target audience from anyone below 15. This may be a problem but we think that the age rage of 15+ have a very strong attraction to the film because it is situations that people of that age can relate to. It is a nice middle ground for age range, between 15 and 18, it gives the sense of becoming and adult, from only being able to see a 12A.